Negeri Di Bawah Bayu - Part 1 (24-27 July 2009)

Segalanya tanpa dirancang. Sebenarnya, kami sekeluarga teringin sangat nk pergi holiday, rasanya, sejak Nunun lahir, mcm tak pernah lagi pergi holiday ke mana2...setakat dekat2...tak kiralah holiday.

Papa dpt jemputan jadi keynote speaker kat one big seminar di Kota Kinabalu. At first, tak terfikir nk pergi ikut, memandangkan the expenses...dan definitely out of budget. But, entahlah..agaknya dh rezeki, tetiba jer Papa insisted to bring all of us along (except our maid, of course)to KK, since we never went there, never ever!

We bought last minute Air Asia ticket to KK, isy...geramnya, bila last minute nie, habislah duit, cos the tickets were so expensive. Kalau tk silap, around Rm 400 plus per pax for a return ticket. Chichi and Afafita of course were considered "adult", luckily Non Nuha's ticket was quite cheap, about RM 60 for a return ticket. So total 5 beranak ni around RM 1800..(hah...hbs pokai mokcik ni).

Our flight was supposed to be at 6.25 pm..but we need to check in at the latest 40 minutes before. But, we arrived at the LCCT at 5.40 pm....memang last minute, terkejar2 berlari2...mcm family dlm home alone tu..dgn stroller, baggage yg banyak (pergi cuma 4 hari 3 mlm, tapi Mama Mia packed brg mcm nk pindah terus kat KK tu).

Dgn menggendong Non Nuha, Mama Mia berlari lari ke counter nk check in tu...cos takut tak dpt check in...habislah....Fhm2 jelah, Air Asia nie, dia mmg hrp sgt kita terlambat check in. But as soon as I arrived at the counter, I was told that our flight boarding time was delayed until 8 pm. Alhamdulillah....ingatkan dh tk dpt pergilah tadi..

So, we solat Asar, grab a bite, menghabiskan almost RM 50 beli mknn untuk 4 beranak (cos Nunun had her own food already). Si Chichi apa lagi, kalau outing jer, time tulah selera mkn membuak2..mcm sepuluh hari tk mkn! Geram betul..nampak ajer food terus rasa nk mkn....:(

Bought chocs, burgers, sandwiches, and several waters. Mcm nk berpicnic pulak dah. Nunun mcm tk comfortable dlm flight. lamaklumlah anakku, flight tambang murah (yg tk lah seberapa murah) dan kelas ekonomi pulak...meronta2 dlm flight..sempit. Bila take off, agaknya telinga dia sakit kot..dia jd restless.... bg toys pun tk nk, then asyik berdiri..tak nk duduk dlm flight sepanjang journey....aduh...penatnya mama mia.

Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely, and the it was a smooth journey. We arrived at KK at about 11.30 pm..so tired.....seharian dari pg ke sana sini buat urusan mana yg patut before bercuti. There was several people waiting for us...bestlah..layanan dpd pihak penganjur seminar. Dah malam buta mcm tu still nk ajak kitorang mkn lg..tapi apakan daya..mata mcm dh tak blh bukak. So we straight away headed to 1 Borneo...a new developing area in KK. We were placed at Grand Borneo Hotel.

It was a new Hotel...a 4 star hotel, not so big, yet so stylish and the best part is...since it's a new hotel, everything was clean and nice.

Ok. Will continue later.

Up and Running Again!!

Mama Mia..!!

It has been AGES since I last updated this blog. Guess I've been so cruel to myself, my kids and all the memories and moments that should be written here, so that it won't easily slip out of our minds as the days go by. Guess I should diligently upload all the things and experiences that should be shared here, so that, at least, it will benefit my own kids n maybe others too!

Where do I start and how?

Well, my life. This 2009 is indeed a busy year for me. Besides my studies, I'm also occupied with a project I ventured about 5 months ago. But alhamdulillah, since I have a domestic helper now, I can say that there is a striking decrease of stress level in my days. At least, the house chores can be delegated to the bibik.....especially the ones that I hate most, like cleaning the 3 toilets, washing the kitchen floor, ironing and lipat the bundle of clothes! Alhamdulillah.

She came after more than 8 months waiting, with the approximately RM 2800 paid to the agent, I'm started to feel that how much my burden has been gradually eased right now. So the maid is here, what should u do Mama Mia? Of course the answer is to focus on the studies (which I think I still need to put more effort to realize it).


Papa is also becoming more busy lately. Almost every month, attending conferences and seminars all around the country and also to the neightbouring countries. Alhamdulillah...never thought he could gained this kind of achievement in a short time. But still, he really worked hard. (totally in contrast to his other half). And he has a very great teacher cum mentor, who honestly guides and supports him along the journey of academia. Being at this stage means less times spent with us. Nevertheless, the quality of time matters more than the quantity. Papa still can bring Chichi to nearby surau every nite to perform the solat, still can entertain Nunun every nite, hearing her giggling as he smoches her, still can teach Afafita reading the Qur'an. Guess I can't complain much on this. :)


Chichi is eight now, but he looks more taller than his classmates at this age group. He is still a very playful, clumsy and creative boy. He is the very same Chichi, who can't sit still for more than 5 minutes, who speaks out his thought without thinking, who asked questions that sometimes never came accross our minds. His quite so-so in the studies, always at the 7th place in the class after each exam; but despite that, I still believe he is quite a bright boy.

I observe that Chichi has grown a big interest on comic drawing. I happened to find some of his sketches n comic drawings. It was cute, complete with the wordings or conversations, and normally there is a certain story or message in the drawing (I should take some pics some time). I think he has some sort of talent in this area. But he need to be guided, who knows he can make good Islamic comics in near future?


The same sweet girl in the house. But beware, once u hear her laughing out loud, you will definitely want to find something to stuck in your ears. Alhamdulillah, now she can read Malay and English very well, can do several basic mathematical sums like addition and substraction, and memorise about 70 % of Juz Amma. She is definitely not like her big bro. She lacks of creativity but she is really a hardworking and diligent student. She won't eat or sleep unless she finishes up all her school worksheets. She will read again and again without complaining all the spelling list given by the teachers. That's my 5 1/2 years old dother.

She's very selective when it comes to choosing the clothes to wear everyday. Very "penakut", and the thing that she most scared of is the ANTS! So, funny, rite?

Fichita a.k.a. Nunun

My 8 months old cute lil baby. She's starting cruising around the furnitures such as the coffe table, the sofa, her siblings' study table; loves crawling and helping Mama mia "mopping" the floor; loves books but it should be highlighted here that she loves adult's book not the baby books; she can stand firmly; still doesn't know how to call Mama and Papa; has not yet grown any teeth, but nevertheless the upper part of the two teeth has shown a bit since last week; loves foolowing Mama whenever Mama goes; loves nenen or BF; knows how to clap hands whenever Mama sings "satu-satu saya sayang Allah" song or the famous "if u're happy n u know it clap ur hands"; open n close her fingers when others sing "twinkle2 little stars"....etc.
Never ending milestone and progress. BUt alhamdulillah.

Well...that's all the updates for the time being. Hope I can find some more time to upload some more pics and updates.