Pregnancy symptoms you should never ignore

Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board

How do you know whether that sudden ache is normal or warrants a 2 a.m. call to your doctor or midwife? Here's a rundown of symptoms that should set off your warning bells. But even if you don't see your symptom on this list, it's better to err on the side of caution and make that call than to agonize for hours, wondering whether you've pulled a ligament or gone into preterm labor.

Note that some of these symptoms may be more or less urgent depending on your particular situation or health history and on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Ask your practitioner to review with you which signs warrant an urgent call at various points in your pregnancy.

• Your baby is moving or kicking less than usual (once he begins moving regularly). Ask your caregiver if you should monitor your baby's activity by doing daily "kick counts." She can give you specific instructions on how to count and when to call.

• Severe or persistent abdominal pain or tenderness.

Vaginal bleeding or spotting.

• An increase in vaginal discharge or a change in the type of discharge — that is, if it becomes watery, mucousy, or bloody (even if it's only pink or blood-tinged). Note: After 37 weeks, an increase in mucus discharge is normal and may indicate that you'll be going into labor soon.

• Pelvic pressure (a feeling that your baby is pushing down), lower back pain (especially if it's a new problem for you), menstrual-like cramping or abdominal pain, or more than four contractions in an hour (even if they don't hurt) before 37 weeks.

• Painful or burning urination, or little or no urination.

• Severe or persistent vomiting, or any vomiting accompanied by pain or fever.

• Chills or fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

• Visual disturbances such as double vision, blurring, dimming, flashing lights, or "floaters" (spots in your field of vision).

• Persistent or severe headache, or any headache accompanied by blurred vision, slurred speech, or numbness.

• Any swelling in your face or puffiness around your eyes, anything more than a little swelling in your hands, severe and sudden swelling of your feet or ankles, or a rapid weight gain (more than 4 pounds in a week).

• A persistent or severe leg cramp or calf pain that doesn't ease up when you flex your ankle and point your toes toward your nose or when you walk around, or one leg being significantly more swollen than the other.

• Trauma to the abdomen.

• Fainting, frequent dizziness, a rapid heartbeat, or heart palpitations.

• Difficulty breathing, coughing up blood, or chest pain.

• Severe constipation accompanied by abdominal pain or severe diarrhea that lasts more than 24 hours.

• Persistent intense itching of your torso, arms, legs, palms, or soles, or a feeling of itchiness all over your body.

• Any health problem that you'd ordinarily call your practitioner about even if it's not pregnancy related (like worsening asthma or a cold that gets worse rather than better). Just call a little sooner than you would normally.

If you're not sure whether a symptom is serious, you don't feel like yourself, or you're uneasy, trust your instincts and call your healthcare provider. Your practitioner expects such calls. If there's a problem, you'll get help right away. If nothing's wrong, you'll be reassured.

Your body is changing so rapidly that it's hard to know whether what you're experiencing is "normal." Do yourself and your baby a favor and get any unusual symptoms checked out.

Finally, if you're near your due date, check out the signs of labor so you'll know what to look for and when to call your caregiver.

Hadiah from KIn.....:))

Bestnya ada kawan yg ingat kat kita.....
Thanks to Kin again (manalah ada kawan lagi..)
Thanks a lot with lots of luv....

nak hadiahkan jugak pada finie...yg tengah very buzy berkemas nak pindah rumah baru...

Kurma dari Ireland...

Alhamdulillah...dpt tamar dari Kin....memang rezekilah, kebetulan kurma kat rumah baru jer habis. Thanks a lot Kin! Kita takder benda nak bagi kat Kin....thankslah cos sudi hadiahkan kita mcm2...seronok ada kwn mcm Kin. kalau ada hadiah...especially yg best2..bagilah lagi yer...hehe

Anniversary Celebration & Birthday Papat

Our wedding anniversary is celebrated on 20th July annually. Our anniversary is so special because we share the same wedding date with my parents. So, we usually celebrate it together..with the whole family. It may sounds unromantic, but its kinda nice to celebrate our special day and strolling down the memory lane of our wedding day with our beloved family members. But of course, we still can have our own private celebration if we really want to. However, as a matter of fact, we never celebrate our wedding anniversary as others do; no candle-lite dinner in a fancy restaurant of hotels, no special moments of exchanging valuable presents, no second time honeymoon getaway to a secluded resort or whatsoever. The fact that hubby still remembers the date he married me eight years ago is considered one of the life's blessings. (you know, men do forget their wedding date)

I have to confess that eventhough I never bother about how are we going to recall the sweetest and memorable day in our marriage before, but this year, I kinda feel quite excited about the anniversary. In fact, I had this plan of celebrating it "officially" with my husband (and not to forget the two kids too) at Cameron Highland or somewhere suitable. I don't know why, maybe the high estrogen level in me as the result of the pregnancy had really turned me to a more "loving" and "appreciative" wife! (hahahha)

So, I silently planned this special vacation in my head, trying to imagine how sweet it would be to really celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary away from home and house chores! But still, Allah's plan overruled mine. And there must be reasons behind His Will. I couldn't fulfill my dream, and as usual, I went back to my kampung that particular weekend, to spend the anniversary day with my parents and family.

Since the plan have changed, I didn't longer bother about the celebration. But as we reached kampung, my mom told me that she wanted to hold a very small, family-only belated birthday celebration for Papat (my only nephew). So, we did a barbecue on Saturday nite and bought a yummy Secret Recipe cake for Papat. (Of course, he didn't each much, we were the one who finished up the whole cake) Despite the no-mood for wedding celebration, I still managed to go to a nearby shopping mall on Saturday morning to buy cards for my hubby and my parents.

So...here are some of the pics at Papat's birthday party.

The choc muffins made by Papat's mother..

Papat's birthday cake cum my parents anniversary cake..made by Secret Recipe

Mom with the three beloved grandchildren...cutting cake ceremony

Abang and kaka tak sabar nak makan kek...

Sedapnya Pak Yong (my hubby) bakar....

Birthday boy dapat present...

The Week 29...

How your baby's growing:

Your baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and is a tad over 15 inches long from head to heel. His muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and his head is growing bigger to make room for his developing brain. To meet his increasing nutritional demands, you'll need plenty of protein, vitamins C, folic acid, and iron. And because his bones are soaking up lots of calcium, be sure to drink your milk (or find another good source of calcium, such as cheese, yogurt, or enriched orange juice). This trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in your baby's hardening skeleton each day.

Citamu di Mercu.....Tahniah!


di atas
yang dicapai

titk peluh
perit jerih
semangat kental

selama ini....

Allah Taala

menitipkan barakah

menegakkan kebenaran
kalimah Allah

cecita murni
di mercu kejayaan

Teruskan perjuangan
Jangan pernah

tanpa jemu
dengan penuh
kasih sayang

Memorable Anecdotes by My Bundle of Joy

Anecdote 1

While browsing Mama Mia wedding album...

Afafita: Mama, this picture is your wedding? Mama become pengantin?

Mama Mia: Yes...Mama pretty or not?

Afafita: Yes..Mama pretty.

Mama Mia: Do you know whom I married to?

Afafita: I don't know....who?

Mama Mia: Try and guess...look at those pictures lah..

Afafita: This one looks like Papa, but differentlah Mama. (confused becos dulu papa dia muda) Mama married to Papa?

Mama Mia: Of courselah..who else? Dik, why didn't you attend my wedding? I cant's see u there...

Afafita: Yeslah...why I not there....I forgotlah Mama.

Mama Mia: Where were you?

Afafita: Oh...maybe that time I with bibik at some place (bibik means the maid). Abang also not there.

Anecdote 2

Afafita: Mama...you don't feel malu ke become pengantin? (Becos she is such a shy person, she doesn't like to be the center of a crowd or attention)

Mama Mia: Of courselah malu...

Afafita: But why you smile in the picture?

Mama Mia: Becos people asked me to do so...to take picture...

Afafita: If I become pengantin...I feel malu lah...

Mama Mia: But you love wearing nice dress and put on make-up right?

Afafita: Yes..but I still malu....a lot of people...

Anecdote 3

Afafita: Mama...what makes Allah?

Mama Mia: No one and nothing makes Allah...Allah makes everything in this world...but no one makes Him.

Afafita: People made from what?

Mama Mia: Allah made people inside the stomach....people has flesh, skin, bones, blood.... (mama tersilap bagi jawapan...patutnya kena terangkan pasal manusia dibuat dpd tanah liat)

Afafita: Allah makes everything..so someone must makes Allah...

Mama Mia: Remember this...Allah is so great..nothing makes Allah..ok.

Anecdote 4

(While watching OLAY total effect advertisement in the TV..featuring Aishah Sinclair, a pan-asian model)

Afafita: Mama. do you use this lotion?

Mama Mia: What lotion?

Afafita: This lotion....on the tv,,,

Mama Mia: No...why?

Afafita: Mama buy and use this lotion lah..

Mama Mia: Why u ask me to do so?

Afafita: So that Mama can become pretty like this (pointing to the pan-asian model)

Mama Mia: Oh...you think I'm not pretty now?

Afafita: Yes..not pretty like this. If mama use this lotion, mama can become pretty...

Mama Mia: Ahhhhgghghghgh.....

Mama Mia: Listen Dik...this advertisement is cheating. You can't change your face and look by simply using the lotion...understand? Even if Mama use the lotion, my face is still like this. Won't change. (dengan semangatnya menerangkan..sebab geram anak sendiri fikir Mama mia tak cantik)

How to raise a child who listens well

by Holly Hanke

Being a good listener is critical to your child's success at school. If he can't follow directions, whether on the playground ("Pick a partner and pass the ball back and forth across the field") or in the classroom ("Take out a number 2 pencil and open your test booklets to page 1") — he'll have a tough time learning. Children who are good listeners also have an advantage socially — they tend to be very good friends to others.

Here are several ways you can help your child become a better listener:

Be a good listener yourself

Don't interrupt your child when he's telling you a story. Turn your attention to him when he's trying to tell you something. Give him your undivided attention when he's talking — don't read the paper or talk to someone else at the same time. If you want him to listen to you, he needs to see that you will listen to him too. Children return the respect they receive, and children who are listened to tend to become good listeners themselves.

Give clear, simple directions for everyday tasks

Get in the habit of giving your child simple instructions. Make eye contact with him, and say, "Go into your room and make your bed. Then get your backpack and your homework and meet me downstairs." As he becomes a better listener, you can add another task or two. In this way, you're not only teaching your child to listen well, but to be independent too.

Praise good listening

Saying "Thanks for being such a good listener" will reinforce your child's desire to listen. Make a special point of praising him when he follows directions the first time.

Say what you mean

If you tell your child, "You can have two more cookies," then give him two cookies — not three or four. Once your child figures out that you don't stick to your word, he'll tune you out.

Be consistent about consequences

If you tell your child that you'll have to leave the toy store if he doesn't stop whining, then follow through without giving him another chance. Your child will be more inclined to do what is asked of him if he understands that his actions have clear, enforceable consequences.

Read aloud together every day

The time you spend reading together is invaluable listening and learning. Before you begin, ask your child to recap what you read the night before, and when you finish, ask him to predict what might happen next based on what he's heard so far.

DETER Strategy

Here, I'd like to share with all parents, a test
taking strategy that they can impart to their children,
helping them to do their best on any test.

It is known as the DETER strategy. Each letter in
DETER reminds the students what to do.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The DETER Test Taking Strategy
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

D = Directions

Students must read the test directions very carefully. If
there is anything that they do not understand about the
directions, they must ask the teacher to explain.

Only by following the directions can they achieve a good
score on the test.

If they do not follow the directions, they will not be able
to demonstrate what they know.

E = Examine

Students need to examine the entire test to see how
much they have to do. Only by knowing the entire task
can they break it down into parts that become
manageable for them.

T = Time

Once they have examined the entire test, they next
thing to do is to decide how much time they will spend
on each item.

If there are different points in one item or question, it is
important to plan to spend the most time on the items
that count for the most marks.

Planning their time is especially important for essay
tests where students must avoid spending too
much time on one item that they have little time left for
other test questions.

E = Easiest

The second E in DETER reminds the students to answer
the items they find easiest first.

If they get stuck on a difficult item that comes up early in
the test, they may not get to answer items that test
things they know.

R = Review

If the students plan their time correctly, they will have
time to review and check through their answers and
make them as complete and accurate as possible.

It is important that they review the test directions to be
certain they have answered all items required.

Using the DETER strategy, it can help the students do
better in tests and get better grades.

by Alvin Poh

My Always Friend...

You stood by me
Through thick and thin
And through it all

You called me friend

You build me up

Day after Day

Making me feel
That I'm OK

I've found in you

A friend who stays

So I call you

"My Friend Always"

This is a card that I received 11 years ago from someone I really adore and love..and I still do. Not only am I his "My Friend Always", he is my "My Friend Always" too...till the end of time.

Hadiah dari Kin...bestnya....

Thank you sooooooo much...dah tua2 gini dapat gak hadiah bear yg cute dpd Kin......
Sebab suka sgt..kali nie cepat2 kita ambik hadiah dari Kin...heheh

My Learning Portfolio...

Actually I started writing in a new blog, which is specifically dedicated to witness my journey as a postgraduate student. It can also be considered as my learning portfolio. I hope I manage to squeeze some time to jot down the challenges, joy and pain throughout my journey as a knowledge seeker.

It is called "In Search of Wisdom".

Exam week again...

It's the exam week again! Aagghh....the tense and stress are coming back, surrounding my life. As the exam week comes, I normally become stressful, as I have to supervise Chichi doing his revision. Honestly, I don't mind much about how many A or credits he can get, but somehow I feel obliged to ensure he isn't among the bottom ten in his class. Other people's expectation is another thing that should be considered and met. Every time after exam period, relatives and family members would expect straight A's from him. They will say, "Isy...parents lecturer, mestilah dpt A semua!" Don't they know that intelligence is not totally genetically inherited?

Today, I really, really got mad at Chichi. I somehow misplaced the exam timetable that he gave me several days ago, and we don't know which paper he's going to sit for tomorrow. So, I asked him to ask his friends at school the exam timetable for tomorrow and the day after. But as expected, the typical Chichi forgot (and actually never bother to remember) the task I asked him. So, apa lagi, mengamuklah Mama Mia. I shouted at him at the top of my voice, and I was really uncontrollable.

Poor my little son....I shouldn't have done that to him. He is just 7 years old...but I treated him as a 17 years old son. I don't know what came up to me just now. I lost my temper for a non-concrete reason. To make matter worse, I also started grumbling and nagging for more than 15 minutes, babbling all sorts of dissatisfaction and frustration towards everyone in the house. Astaghfirullah al-Adzim....

I feel regret now and I think tomorrow I should talk to Chichi, explaining to him the reasons I scolded him and telling that I'm sorry for yelling at him. I believe, as parents, we shouldn't hold back our feelings from our children. If we feel sorry for our own attitude and really think that we have done some kind of mistakes, it's not wrong to apologize from our children. In that way, we actually teach them to be bold enough to admit mistakes and correct them.

Afafita anak Mama Mia....

Semalam, masa kemas2 home library yg dah mcm tongkang pecah nie..terjumpalah pulak gambar lama Afafita. Dulu dia muka bulat dan tembam...masa tu umur dia dlm 3 thn. Tapi sekarang dia tak tembam, muka pun dah nampak mcm panjang sikit. Sekarang nie, sekali tgk mcm Fasha Sandha, dua kali tgk mcm Maya Karin. heheh

Ni umur 3 tahun, masih bulat...

Ni Afafita umur 4 tahun...makin manis dan pandai bergaya kan?

Tag from Kin...

Ha...ni tag dpt daripada Kin, tapi dah lama terperap...sorry bebenyak yer. Quite interesting this tag...so trylah jawab.



1. Pernah blajar Medic jap..sebelum tukar bidang coz memenuhi cita2 Abah tersayang yg sgt mengharapkan diri ini mewarisi ilmu dan jejak langkahnya.
2. Sanggup berkorban demi org2 yg disayangi.
3. Tak mudah menangis...suka memendam rasa.
4. Tak romantik...heheh....tapi setia pada yg satu.
5. Sgt mengambil berat pendidikan dan pembesaran anak2.
6. Indecisive...tak pandai buat pilihan dlm urusan hidup..nak pilih baju raya pun susah...biasanya suh mak jer pilihkan cos taste mak I memang bagus.
7. Tak pandai menulis..tapi masuk dlm bidang akademik yg memerlukan skil penulisan yg tinggi. (tulah yg menjadi masalah nie)


1. Hari Kiamat
2. Kemurkaan Allah
3. Tgk cerita hantu Thailand or Indon..
4. Drive kereta during peak hours or kat bandar2 besar mcm KL
5. Bersalin (tapi tak serik2 jugak nak ada anak..heheh)
6. Balasan di Neraka
7. Belajar PhD.....sangat mencabar dan boleh ker berjaya nie....


Sebenarnya banyak jer lagu yg suka...ikut peredaran masa dan mood...but antara lagu evergreen yg suka ialah...

1. Andai ku Tahu- lagu dakwah by Ungu
2. Syurgamu- lagu dakwah by Ungu
3. Through the Rain- Mariah Carey
4. Izinkan ku pergi- Kaer
5. Lagu-lagu Sami Yusuf
6. Lagu-lagu James Blunt
7. Hurt- Christina


1. Astagfirullah al-Adzhim
2. Chichi....come here
3. Didek....come sayang
4. Nak kena budak2 nie
5. Bang..tgklah anak2 u nie...penat tau I kemas rumah
6. Adik, if u're naughty, I'll send u back to your real parents house (kes marah n ugut afafita..kononnya dia tu anak angkat)
7. Adik..come kiss Mama


1. Iman
2. Hidayah Allah
3. Ilmu yg dipelajari selama ini
4. Kasih sayang Ibubapa
5. Suami dan Anak2
6. Pengalaman hidup
7. Kesihatan


1. Masuk asrama or berjauhan dari keluarga time gi belajar undergraduate kat oversea pada 1994
2. Menjejakkan kaki ke Baitullah pada umur 19 tahun
3. Kenal hubby umur 20 tahun....heheh
4. Dapat ijazah pertama umur 21 tahun
5. Hidup bersama hubby umur 24 tahun
6. Dapat anak pertama umur 25 tahun
7. Start kerja tahun 2004

Award from Kin...

Sorry kin...dah lama kin bagi award nie...bukannya tak sudi atau tak hargai..tapi tak sempat nak ambik dari rumah kin..kan rumah kita jauh.....bukannya satu kawasan...heheh.

Thanks so much kin...I really appreciate it. Kita tak banyak kawan bloggerlah kin...so...kita hadiahkan award nie pada saper eh.....semua lah yang kenal kita dan selalu jenguk blog kita nie. Ok tak?

Shopping Spree...

The whole Malaysia is on SALE again! It's the annual Malaysia Mega Sale, which implies the time when Malaysian spend their money as much as they can during this sale period. I used to anticipate this annual sale, since I am quite a shopaholic, as I may confess. Normally, during the past seasons, I bought a new pair of shoes and "borong" clothes for Afafita and Chichi. Children clothes in Malaysia are very expensive. A good and nice t-shirt for Chichi may costs up to RM60, a pair of jeans usually costs RM80-100, and a pair of shoes for Afafita is around Rm60-80. These prices are for local brands or ordinary brands. However, imported branded attires like GUESS, OSH KOSH, etc are at least double the price! So....basically, I couldn't afford buying new attires for the kids during non-sale season. It's only during the sale season that I can buy those kinds of clothes half the ordinary price.  

This time around, I limited my shopping trips to the shopping malls during the Mega Sale, since I determined to control my shopping budget. My priority now is buying the new baby's necessities, including clothes, toiletries and other things. I know I have to buy almost everything as if I'm expecting my first newborn, because I have given away all Wafitos and Afafita's baby clothes and essentials to sanak saudara. There is not a single baby cloth diaper or shirt at home!

During the shopping trip, I tend to choose pinky baby girls attires....with all the ribbons, flower and heart design....oh..I can't resist buying girls' clothes! So adorable and cute! And of course, as the gynae have told me that the probability of me having another girl in the family is high, I guess....I may as well considered the doctor's opinion is true. So...alhamdulillah, last Saturday, when hubby went to Kelantan for an academic program, Ibon (my sister), me and the two kids went for a shopping spree at the Midvalley Megamall. Now, I'm quite relieved as I have prepared almost 90% of the newborn things checklist. I only need to buy the diapers, the baby bath tub, n several other things. And somehow, before this Eid, I must wash all the baby's clothes and attires with antiseptic soap. (I'm not a virusphobic mom...but I have been doing this since Wafitos time).

I have also bought two pairs of trousers and two shirts for Wafitos; two pairs of pants and two shirts for Afafita, and a new Braun Buffel handbag for myself! All these are for Hari Raya. Since I don't want to spent my Ramadhan nites at shopping complexes searching for Raya clothes, I've decided to prepare as much as I could now. So, the kids just need a pair of new shoes! During Ramadhan InshaAllah, I'm in the 8th month of my pregnancy. I guess I couldn't have the energy to do any shopping at that time, knowing that fasting during the third trimester of your pregnancy would be very challenging. Kalau dapat berpuasa penuh pun dah kira syukur...

Ok. Tomorrow I'm going to attend the family usrah at my parent in laws. And I need to wake up early, preparing some food to bring along there. It's our turn to prepare meal for all the family members. Usually I cook rice, and special lauk, for example sambal goreng udang, sotong bakar ala sunda, etc. But since today I am so tired and exhausted (tidying up the my home library), I think I'm going to cook bihun goreng only. Tak laratlah...... 


Ya Rabbi...penatnya sehari dua nie. berkejar ke kelas dan ke international conference yg mengambil masa sejam setengah perjalanan by train (komuter). Tapi nak buat mcm mana..nak belajar..nak tuntut ilmu..bukannya mudah. Kaki Mama Mia dah mula bengkak, dek kerana banyak berjalan dan berdiri. Bila petang balik, tren mcm tin sardine..manusia punyalah banyak...bersesak2...jangan haraplah nak duduk..kalau dapat berdiri tanpa terlaga org lain dah cukup bagus. But the worst part is mcm bau2 yg ada dlm tren tu. Semalam...Mama Mia terpaksa tahan nafas seberapa yg boleh..sebab tak tahan bau manusia yg....pelbagai dan.....entahlah. Allahu A'lam. Mama Mia boleh jer nak suh Papa amik dari kampus bila petang...tapi tak nak susahkan Papa. Kesian dia...dia pun byk kerja...ada 4 tempat kena bagi talk bulan nie. Dua seminar dan 2 lagi talk. So dia pun kena focus and prepare betul2. Lagipun Mama Mia mcm dah janji seboleh2 tak nak susahkan dia....I will survive! Yeah! I can make it through the rain!

Tak taulah berapa lama lagi sanggup mcm nie. Kesian kat diri sendiri dan baby dlm perut..cos baby pun tak dpt nak berehat...nampaknya dia tak tidur siang hari....mana nak tidur..Mama Mia asyik dgr lecture or talk, so baby pun ikut dgr samalah. Tiap kali Mama Mia attend lecture or talk, baby sibuk berguling2 dlm perut. Entahlah...tak sure samada dia boring cos bising tak dpt tidur, or sebab dia enjoy..dpt belajar sama...hopefully assumption yg kedua tu betul. Hehehe.

Waktu tulis post nie..mata dah ngantuk dah kol 12 mlm, besok kol 8 kena gi seminar lagi..hubby jadi invited speaker. So nak bagi moral supportlah....sebenarnya paper yg hubby tulis untuk besok Mama Mia dah edit pun..biasalah..jadi editor kepada hubby. Nak tulis sendiri....tahap intelektualan Mama Mia tak setanding hubby..so tak pandai sgt.....jadi editor pun kira oraitlah jugak.

Patutnya dah tidor..tapi teringat uniform Chichi belum siap lagi..so kenalah siapkan dulu. Uniform Afafita dah siapkan. Roti pulak dah habis..terlupa nak beli. Tak taulah besok nak breakfast apa. Mama Mia dah mcm org keje..keluar pagi..balik rumah kol 6 lebih. Balik, solat, rehatkan kaki sambil tgk drama "ezora", then soalt, then masak, then kemas dining table..tup2 dah kol sepuluh. Tak sempat buat apa pun. Tak sempat lipat baju.....lepas kol sepuluh...sidai baju...uruskan laundry, cos pagi2 takut kelam kabut.

No pain, no gain. Mama Mia kena sabarlah. Baby pun kena sabar yer....baby kena ikut mama ke hulu hilir tiap hari sorang2...habiskan masa berjam2 dlm tren, baby kena tahan dengar talks and lectures yg susah2..., tapi inilah hakikat..the reality....kehidupan sebenar seorang pelajar....Mudah2an Allah bagi semangat, kecekalan dan kesihatan yg berterusan untuk Mama Mia.......Amin.