13th May was our dearest Papa's birthday. Yg ke berapa tu? hehehe...dh mula beruban lah jugak..tapi msh tetap ensem dn bergaya seperti dulu..just that he's a bit darker. (amboi bkn main lg ye critic org)

Since Mama mia didn't know how to bake cakes for Papa (we even don't have an oven), so Mama mia decided to order some cupcakes for teatime that day. 3 days before Papa's birthday, Mama mia ordered 16 cupcakes. The yummy cakes were delivered bout 5 pm that day, only half an hour before Chichi and Papa returned home. So, it was totally a surprise!

The theme of the cakes was "serious male". So there were specky cakes, tie cakes and books in blue and cream colours. Hmm....is Papaya a "serious male" like that? I guess so. ;) Infact he was more a serious person 12 years ago than now. (tk sangka dh 12 thn i know him!! tapi still mcm tk knl sepenuhnya)

Last but not least, May Allah bless Papaya with wisdom, health, love, kindness, and most of all...wealth (hihihi), so that Papa can belanja us all to Germany!!

Non lagi...dh 6 bln dah baby nie...

Non Fichita dh pandai angkat punggung, on all fours! kalau letak kt lantai...seminit jer dh kemana2 dia merayau2 dlm rumah nie...kdg2 jumpa bwh sofa, kdg terselit bwh dining table...maklumlah rumah kecik...situlah living room, situlah dining hall, situlah gak tmpt non bersemayam....

tgk anak dara mama mia...bukan main lg kan?
(sila abaikan scene kt belakang yg bersepah tu)

Senyuman tanda berjaya merayau -rayau

bukan tu jer...dh pandai panggil mama mia...tapi bukannya panggil "mama", dia panggil "aii".....geramnya mama

Eh mak anakku tergolek......cian anak mama mia

hah...cuba lagi..mcm ni lah anak mama mia..tak putus asa..

Muka penat lepas berusaha....heheh

hah....saya dah berjaya tau!!

April : No fooling around, loads of works and so kelam kabut

The month of April has always been a synonym to a month of fooling around. Donno where they got it from, or how on earth the 1st April was declared as the "April Fool Day", but most importantly, for us, this April was really a havoc and full of events!

So many things and event took place in this month. Well, I don't know how to start ..how to describe them in words. So let me start by recalling everything that I've jotted in my calender under the "events & happenings".

Firstly, CHichi's first term exam. Well, this is his first exmination in this newly so-called elite school. Mama mia didn't know the students' level of achievement in this school, particularly Chichi's classmates. Nevertheless, we did some revision, focusing on his weak subjects such as Arabic, Jawi and Bahasa Melayu. Alhamdulillah, the exam period went on smoothly. I guess he did quite well, he's the 7th place in the class...not so bad for Chichi and his playfullness. O yeah...not to mention, he surprisingly excelled in all the Arabic and Islamic subjects! Tak sangka betul.....

On 12th April, we went to PWTC, for the annual Smart KIds Exhibition. Honestly, mmg tak sanggup cos mama mia was really not feeling well at that time. But memandangkan it has became our annual event, and the kids kept on begging me to bring them to the exhibition, so nak tak nak terpaksalah pergi. Tapi...this year, the exhibition tk best sgtlah. cuma yg best...kita pergi booth petronas gallery, where the kids paint some batu sungai on their own, and the booth where we watched a show on the universe, stars n planets. if I'm not mistaken, by the UNESCO or whateverlah (teruk btl mamamia...short term memory betul!!)

Then..Papa..as usual..busy ngan ceramah, talks...bla..bla......the whole month. While Mama mia and non Fichita...masih dok terperap kat rumah. Maid tak sampai2....mama punya study pun entah ke mana entah!

On april also, Chichi's birthday! No celebration at home. This year celebrate at school jer....

On 20th April, Papa outstation ke Indonesia untill 2nd May! Punyalah lama....oleh kerana Mama Mia tak sanggup nak duduk rumah terperap ngn ank2 for the whole 2 weeks..Mama mia decided to balik kampung anak beranak! So kitorang pun berhijrahlah kejap kat JB tu....and Chichi pun terpaksalah ambil cuti 2 minggu...masuk pulak sekolah kt JB. mmm...tk pasal2 terbang duit...so kena byr yuran 2 sekolah...hahaha....padan muka mamamia cos penakut, tk nk dok kt rumah ngn ank2....

Apa pun...April was not a fooling aroung month for us! A stressful n hectic and chaotic month!