13th May was our dearest Papa's birthday. Yg ke berapa tu? hehehe...dh mula beruban lah jugak..tapi msh tetap ensem dn bergaya seperti dulu..just that he's a bit darker. (amboi bkn main lg ye critic org)

Since Mama mia didn't know how to bake cakes for Papa (we even don't have an oven), so Mama mia decided to order some cupcakes for teatime that day. 3 days before Papa's birthday, Mama mia ordered 16 cupcakes. The yummy cakes were delivered bout 5 pm that day, only half an hour before Chichi and Papa returned home. So, it was totally a surprise!

The theme of the cakes was "serious male". So there were specky cakes, tie cakes and books in blue and cream colours. Hmm....is Papaya a "serious male" like that? I guess so. ;) Infact he was more a serious person 12 years ago than now. (tk sangka dh 12 thn i know him!! tapi still mcm tk knl sepenuhnya)

Last but not least, May Allah bless Papaya with wisdom, health, love, kindness, and most of all...wealth (hihihi), so that Papa can belanja us all to Germany!!


iu said...

hepi besday.. :D

seronoknya dpt mkn cupcakes..
tunggu ni. sume dtg ke germany..hehe