What a Scary Fact...

" One in four Malaysians has a lifetime risk of developing cancer. By the end of year 2020, it will be one of three if no action is taken. This potentially means every family will have at least one member suffering from cancer- be it your parent, spouse, sibling or child"

By Doctor Saunthari, Executive Director of National Cancer Society Malaysia.

What Makes A Father Special To A Daughter...

  • A father teaches his daughter what men are and what sort of treatment she can expect from them. He gives her the first inkling of what men will think of her.
  • A father's praise and specific comments about her intelligence, appearance and skills are crucial to a daughter feeling feminine and good about herself
  • A father will give his daughter the edge she needs in order to love and accept herself, and meet the challenges of personal and professional achievement with confidence.
  • A father provides the right balance of warmth, structure and discipline that grounds his daughter with a healthy self-image.
  • Above all else, a father sets the foundation of unconditional love and trust for his daughter.

To my beloved dad...thanks for being such a great one!!

United We Stand: Divided We Fall

United We Stand: Divided We Fall

A letter from the heart, to my beloved Sisters in Islam;

Did you see the news yesterday?
have you heard what's going on?
So much pain and so much suffering,
somebody please tell me, where has all the Love gone?

Islam once more is under scrutiny,
blamed again by all the media and press.
For terrorist plans, fighting and killing,
we can only watch with helplessness.

Innocent Muslims under arrest,
innocent Muslims dying.
Innocent Muslims persecuted,
while the disbelievers are thriving.

Our beautiful and perfect Islam,
is being torn apart at the seams.
And the possibility of a United Ummah,
is present only in ones dreams.

But who is to blame for the destruction?
all over the world, making such a mess.
Who is to blame for ultimate chaos?
let us maybe take a guess.

Is it Tony Blair or the World Summit?
is it America's President Bush?
Is it the people belonging to other faiths?
is it maybe, possibly, Us?

Have we fated our own destiny?
and fallen off the righteous path?
To concerned with frivolous issues,
completely failing to fear Allah's wrath.

I now sense you are thinking...
"well, what have we Muslims possibly done wrong"?
But just pause for a moment,
and think about just how we get along.

The sad truth is that we don't,
and we don't have time for defence against others.
As we are far far too busy,
judging and fighting our very own sisters and brothers.

Which sect are you part of?
which Mosque is it you go too?
What school of thought do you follow?
Mmmmm, I can't be seen then sitting with you!

There are 73 sects in Islam,
and even each of those are further divided.
Into this group, that group, and the other group,
Islam once 'One' has become many sided.

Are you Sunni? Are you Shi'a?
are you Wahabi or Taliban?
This is not the teachings of beautiful Islam,
This is not the teachings of the Holy Qu'ran.

Why label each other or yourself?
don't make life for other Muslims tough.
Regardless of type or country,
we are all Muslims -- isn't that good enough?

Don't you see that's why the west is winning?
and why the Muslims are so weak.
We are to busy not talking to each other,
Forgiveness in Allah is what we must seek.

For if we all came together,
and stood as 'One HUGE United front'.
We would no longer be separate and small,
and no more, the target of this hunt.

Look at the person sitting next to you,
she is the same as you and every Muslim other.
Embrace lovingly into the fold of all Islam,
every Muslim sister and brother.

Come together all Muslim countries,
from both near and afar.
Come together all followers of one Islam,
unite in Peace for the Love of Allah.

Stand together as one true religion,
stand with your neighbours, family and friends.
Show this world how united we are,
Islam... is our answer... and complete means to an end.

When meeting any Muslim sister,
and to ensure the start of peace is truly begun.
Open your heart as wide as your arms,
And say... my dear sister... Assalaam o Alikum.

The word Islam translated into English means Peace. May we create it soon... Inshallah.

Science activities for the kids...

Water Bottle Trick: Air Pressure & Gravity

It's the ultimate prank using the simplest of props... a plastic soda bottle filled with water. Even though the words, "DO NOT OPEN" are printed on the bottle, people just can't resist the temptation.

What you need:
  • 2 plastic soda bottles (1-liter size works well),
  • cap
  • permanent ink pen
  • thumb tack (push pin)
The Leak-Proof Bottle
  1. Use the tack to poke a few holes on the side of the bottle close to the bottom. (Get an adult to help with this part!)
  2. Put the bottle in a sink or bowl filled with water. Fill the bottle with water and keep the water running into the bottle as you screw on the cap.
  3. Lift the bottle out of the sink being careful not to squeeze it. What happens?
  4. Unscrew the cap and watch what happens.
The "Do Not Open" Bottle Trick
  1. Start with a new plastic soda bottle (don't use the one from the previous experiment). Write “DO NOT OPEN!” with the permanent ink pen on the bottle.
  2. Fill up the bottle as before.
  3. Set the bottle on the kitchen counter (word-side out) where someone can see it as they pass by. Stay close enough to watch what happens. Eventually, someone is bound to ask about the bottle. Let them unscrew the cap and you'll witness science in action!
The science:

The science of it is simple with gravity and air pressure acting on the water only once the bottle is opened. Gravity is pushing downward. However, when the lid is on the gravity cannot push on the water surface only the lid. It does push against the outside of the bottle on all sides.

Since the outside atmospheric pressure is greater than the force of gravity, most of the water stays in the bottle. Once the lid is removed, gravity and atmospheric pressure will act at the same time on the water surface. The water will leak out. Scientific proof was never so much fun.

Mummy Me-Time

By Sujatha Rajagopal

Today…do yourself the favour!

To find the one place that authoritatively asks Moms to put themselves first, take a flight. Airline safety messages say it clearly enough: if you’re travelling with a young child and there’s an emergency, put your oxygen mask on first.

Too often, mothers don’t give themselves the time or even the permission to prioritise their own needs and wants. In our daily mental checklist, kids and hubby aside, the laundry, the bathroom, the cat, the plants, the car, the dust collecting on the bookshelves…all come before our own well-being, never mind that our backs scream for rest.

But you can kick back, refresh and rejuvenate. Yes. And it won’t take hours off your busy schedule. Don’t ask how. Insist on why not. The longer you deprive yourself of rest, the higher the chance you may become too run-down…worse, seriously ill. And where would that leave your family?

Relaxing is not being selfish. Take care of yourself better and you may actually become a better mother!

Try these time-outs for mums:

Keep a diary about mum-hood. If you like putting your thoughts down into words, a blog or journal can be a great tool to unwind after a hectic day. With a laptop, wireless connectivity and free blog sites like Wordpress.com and Blogger.com, blogging is only getting easier. Blog in bed while junior slumbers. Blog in the kitchen while the soup boils. Or write in the car while waiting for your girls to finish ballet lessons. In just 15 to 20 minutes, you can put your worries, frustrations and hopes into the blogosphere and leave them there (turn on privacy settings if you like).

Strike rich friendships with other mums. Every week or fortnight, leave the kids with hubby or a caregiver and meet with friends and like-minded mums. You will be surprised by how much you can learn, or even earn! Take the example of Anne Nolen, Susan Callahan and Katrin Schumann, three friends who after meeting every week to discuss post natal weight loss and mothering issues, produced a best-selling book, “Mothers Need Time-Outs Too”. Even if becoming an author is not an option, these meetings could help you learn valuable parenting lessons from other moms. At the least, it will give you the rest you deserve.

Pampering can be cheap and quick! Here are some ideas: Play some music while you soak an extra 10 minutes in the bath. Pursue a hobby you loved as a teenager, like painting or cross-stitch. Hop out for a walk when the in-laws visit on the pretext of needing a carton of milk. Pamper your senses by stopping to watch the clouds or smelling the flowers when your child is engrossed at the playground. Are you so busy that you forget to breathe? Stop and pamper your lungs. Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly. It takes less than 30 seconds to take three deep breaths!

When life becomes too hectic, mix it up. For example, if you usually drive to work, take the train twice a week instead. Switch off the phone and use that commute to close your eyes and think happy thoughts. That’s at least half an hour of relaxation for you! When the kids are screaming and lunch has been burnt to a crisp, whip up sandwiches for a playground picnic. If you spend every evening in front of the TV, switch it off and play a board game or fix jigsaw puzzles. Do something different!

Set aside daily escape time. Go ahead and devote the whole day to others. But keep the last 30 minutes of the day selfishly to yourself. Once you’re ready for bed, curl up with a book you’ve always wanted to read. Choose a happy, feel-good theme, preferably a story that makes you laugh or inspires you. Well-written books have a way of unlocking another world, taking your relaxation-deprived mind to a realm of soothing restfulness. There’s another reason to purge your mind of the day’s trials and fill it up with calm. It will help you sleep better, and wake up refreshed.

Use available tools to help you. There may be incessant demands placed on you. But this doesn’t mean that you have to do it all yourself. Rope in a friend or relative (be sure to return the favour another day) when you’re at your wit’s end. Purchase a good planner or binder to keep track of all your to-do lists. Is every morning a chaotic rush? Draw out a daily schedule and stick it on the fridge.

Most important…
Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. Make an appointment to see your doctor if you’ve been feeling too stressed or tired lately. Be sure to have a yearly or twice-yearly physical exam. Chronic diseases have a way of creeping up when we’re too tired to notice them.

If you can’t imagine where to begin, just do less. And you may actually be doing more for your loved ones than before. When you give yourself the time you deserve, you will notice that you become a better parent, one who is more attentive to your family’s needs. It’s the truth: a rested mother is a happier family. Now breathe…!

The Benefits of Salat

18 Benefits of Prayer

Allaah the Exalted has said:

( And seek help in patience and in prayer. Surely that is something quite difficult on (people) other than people of humility and submissiveness )

And He has said:

( O you who believe! Seek help in patience and in prayer! Verily, Allaah is with those who are patient. )

And He, the Exalted One, has said:

(And command your family to pray, and be patient upon that. We are not asking you for any provisions, (rather) We provide for you, and the favorable outcome is for (those with) taqwaa (consciousness of Allaah that produces righteous actions). )

And in the Books of Sunnah it is reported that the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam) used to hasten to prayer whenever an affair disturbed him.

- 1 - Prayer is something that causes one to receive sustenance.

- 2 - It is something that safeguards one's physical health.

- 3 - It keeps away harmful things.

- 4 - It casts away illnesses.

- 5 - It strengthens the heart.

- 6 - It brightens one's countenance.

- 7 - It delights the soul.

- 8 - It gets rid of laziness.

- 9 - It makes the limbs active.

- 10 - It increases one's physical strength.

- 11 - It expands the chest (making one at ease and giving him insight).

- 12 - It is nourishment for the soul.

- 13 - It illuminates the heart.

- 14 - It safeguards one's blessings.

- 15 - It repels catastrophes.

- 16 - It brings on blessings.

- 17 - It keeps away the Shaytaan (the Devil).

- 18 - It draws one close to Ar-Rahmaan (Allaah, the Most Merciful).

And overall it has an amazing effect on the health of the body and heart, and in strengthening them and expelling harmful pollutants from them.

No two people have been afflicted with any disability, disease, or other calamity, except that the portion of the one who prays is less and his outcome is cleaner.

Also, prayer has an amazing effect on the evils of the dunyaa (the worldly life) and how it repels them, especially when the prayer is performed properly and completely, inwardly and outwardly.

Nothing keeps the evils of the dunyaa at bay and brings on the benefits of it like prayer.

The reason behind this is that prayer is one's connection to Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic.

So based on the strength of a person's relationship with his Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, the doors of goodness will accordingly be opened up for him, bad things and the reasons for them befalling him will be cut off, and the elements of success granted by His Lord, the Mighty and Majestic, will begin pouring in, along with safety and good health, wealth and worldly riches, relaxation, bliss, enjoyment, and all types of joyful affairs will be brought to him, and in an expedient manner, too.

Eight Things To Learn

One time a scholar asked one of his students, "You have spent a long time with me, what have you learned?

He said I learned eight things:

First, I looked to the creation. Everyone has a loved one. When he goes to the grave, he leaves his loved one. Therefore, I made my loved one my good deeds; that way, they will be with me in the grave.

Second, I looked to the verse, 'But as for him who feared to stand before his Lord and restrained his soul from lust,' and, therefore, I struggled against my desires so I could stay obeying Allah.

Third, I saw that if anyone has something with him that is worth something, he will protect it. Then I thought about the verse, 'That which you have is wasted away; and that which is with Allah remains,' therefore, everything worth something with me I devoted to Him so it would be with Him for me.

Fourth, I saw the people seeking wealth, honor and positions and it was not worth anything to me. Then I thought about Allah's words, 'Lo, the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most aware of Allah,' so I did my best to become aware of Allah in order to nobility in his sight.

Fifth, I saw the people being jealous towards each other and I looked at the verse, 'We have apportioned among them their livelihood in the life of the world,' so I left jealousy.

Sixth, I saw the people having enmity and I thought about the verse, 'Lo, the devil is an enemy for you, so take him as an enemy,' so I left enmity and I took the Satan as my only enemy.

Seventh, I saw them debasing themselves in search of sustenance and I thought about the verse, 'And there is not a beast in the earth but the sustenance thereof depends on Allah,' so I kept myself busy with my responsibilities toward Him and I left my property with Him.

Eighth, I found them relying on their business, buildings and health and I thought about the verse, 'And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him,' therefore, I put my trust only on Allah.

Tag from ayu...

I received this tag from my 'biras' weeks ago. Unfortunately, I have to leave it undone due to some reasons. So, it's time for me to answer this task.

The rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog7 facts about me ;)

Now, the real me is being revealed...

1. Retail therapy is the best way for me to de-stress myself. I also love window shopping so much. I can just wandering about and enter every single shop in a shopping mall, without buying anything.

2. I am quite a 'kepoh' neighbour. However, not as much as the desperate housewives. Hehe. Ironically, I don't mingle much with my neighbours. However, I love observing their routines of going to and return from work.

3. I have to admit that I don't like doing house chores, especially 'lipat baju'. Satu penyeksaan!

4. I don't easily 'merajuk' if someone teases or hurts my feeling. I can hide my true feeling and emotion in front of my enemies.....

5. There's only 2 persons that I had ever really fought with and 'berpatah arang'. Tak boleh nak berbaik lagi, whatever happens. One is my former landlord when I was studying abroad, and the other is my ex-roomate during Masters. She is a muallaf, who constantly condemns Islam and criticizes the tenets of Islam. Other than the two, I can easily forgive and forget.

6. I'm not the goal-getter type. Many a times, I sacrifice my own goals for others' sake.

7. Love music. If I weren't be doing what I am doing now, most probably I would be an orchestra conductor.

That's all. The 'inside' me....

Week 15

Your baby can hear your voice, move, kick, and swallow.

Your Baby

The skeletal system is getting harder as your baby takes in nutrients from Mom, namely calcium. If you did a x-ray or even looked through the baby's very thin skin, you would see the outline of a skeleton. Fine hairs called lanugo also cover the body.


Oh my aching...gums? Yes, your hormones are even affecting your dental health. You may notice swollen or bleeding gums, particularly in your second trimester. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day (and after each bout of morning sickness) using a soft brush and floss at least once a day. You should also have at least one oral checkup/cleaning during your pregnancy and discuss any problems with your dentist.

You may also be experiencing some constipation as your pesky hormones cause your bowel muscles to relax and work less efficiently and your uterus presses on your intestines. Increasing the fiber in your diet can help. For the same reasons, you also may be experiencing heartburn. Try eating smaller meals more often throughout the day and don't lie down right after you eat. Ordinary antacids can also help.

If you are planning on having an amniocentesis or other second trimester prenatal tests, consult with your doctor and make the appointments now.


Mama mia pulak yg lega sangat rasa..

as if Mama mia yg ambil exam..

Updates on Mama Mia and the kids...

It's been ages since I last wrote about the family and the kids. Actually, since Mama Mia been hit by this never-ending mood swing and dizzy spells, the life has tremendously changed. The so-called homeschool activities had also been so slow and unorganized. Mama Mia is also experiencing the fluctuated graph of mood, motivation and interest in doing all the things that Mama enjoyed doing them before., including blogging and surfing the internet.

Wafitos @ Chichi Watanabe is having his mid-year exam for the rest of the week. This time around, he seems not so worried of the exam. It's not that he's over-confident, but I think it's merely because he knows what to expect in the exam. That's why, Chichi is so lazy, and I have to constantly remind him and drag him to do his revision. Especially the Arabic Language and Pendidikan Agama Islam, the two subjects that he really needs a lot of revision sessions from Mama Mia.

Afafita, on the other hand, has become so obsessed with his ladybird series, the "Peter and Jane". She could read the books again and again in a day, just to spend her time and kill her kebosanan yg terlampau at home after school, since Mama Mia is not able to entertain her as before. Kesian betul afafita. She also loves to write cards for Mama Mia, almost everyday she will write a card for me.

The kids anticipated the Mothers' Day so much. The had been making cards for their beloved mother several days before the day. I'm so touched with their thoughts and love. I think it's the most fulfilling feeling a mother's could experience.

Here's the special card from Wafitos.

His spelling and handwriting are undoubtedly very bad...:((

Thanking Allah for the kids...the apples of my eye!!

Remember DM...

Tips To Help Your Child Do Better in School

Tips To Help Your Child Do Better in School

Talking about school and exam, some children will do well
and they learn quickly. Some don't do so well. They have
trouble paying attention. Their grades are poor. Yet they
may be as smart-or smarter-than their successful

Why the difference in performance?

The difference in performance may not be a question of
I.Q. but of behavior and attitude. Research has shown
that these qualities affect children's performance in school.

Successful students behave in certain ways. They have
the "right" attitude. They're motivated, they pay attention,
they're relaxed and they ignore distractions that might
interfere with learning. And, when they need help with
schoolwork, they know how to get it.

None of those things are inborn, but they can be learned.
And as parents, we can help our children learn them.

There are four steps that children can take to become
better students. There steps are for children of all grades.
They may sound simple, but they can make a world of
difference to your children.

You can teach your children strategies for the four steps:

- Paying attention in class
- Keeping interested in schoolwork
- Learning and remembering
- Studying

Paying Attention in Class

Children can learn to pay attention during lesson. Never
threaten or order them to "pay attention" in school
because it won't work!

Here are some simple techniques.

Using self-talk and positive images. Children can use
words or phrases to help control attention.

For example, they can tell themselves to keep their eyes
on the white board while the teacher is writing on it to
explain a problem. You can help them practice positive
self-talk at home in various situations: when playing a
game, doing their home work or working at their hobby.

Help them stop negative self-talk and to be positive
about themselves
. One good affirmation statement is "I
can do it." Parents can help children to learn to see
themselves doing well in school and in their everyday life.
For example, we tell her to picture herself answering
questions correctly in class and feeling good about
knowing the answers. And whenever she has a show-
and-tell or piano performance, my wife and I will always
tell her to picture herself doing well on stage and tell to
feel good about herself.

Asking questions. This helps children focus their
attention while studying. When reading a science chapter on
plants, students might ask themselves "What are the
various category of plants?" "What are the various ways
that plants can reproduce themselves?"

You can suggest general questions to a child, such as:
"What is this paragraph about? Who did what and why? Is
the main point true or false?" Asking questions can grab
wandering attention.

Setting specific study goals. Your children can set goals
that will help improve attention. Ask them to study a
lesson until they can tell you the main point of the
paragraph, solve a specific math problem, or know specific
names, dates, and places mentioned in the text. Discuss
each goal with your child.

Keeping Interested

Learning is a joint effort. Everyone must help if students
are to learn. Teachers are responsible for teaching and
parents for parenting, however students must realize that
no one else can do their learning for them.

Children must believe that the hours they spend studying
and the effort they put into it make the difference
between success and failure. Some youngsters believe
other things control their success or failure - e.g. teachers,
basic intelligence, or luck. They ignore their own

You can help your children accept the fact that their efforts
do make a difference. The next time they bring home test
results, written comments, or report cards, discuss the
reasons why they did well or poorly. Help them relate their
efforts to the result.

Do reward a child for improvement. Your praise is music to
your child's ears. You might consider treats or trips or
privileges for special achievements. Do stress the benefits
of doing well in school. Some benefits are immediate, such
as having more free time, and some are long-term, such
as getting a scholarship or an interesting job.

Remembering Key Facts and Information

A child's success in school is determined not just by
intelligence but by the strategies he or she uses to master
many facts and concepts.

Understanding a subject doesn't just happen. It takes
work. It requires taking an interest in the subject, and
relating new information to familiar information.

Besides teaching the strategies for paying attention, you
can help you child use various strategies to remember and
recalling the information. You can decide how best to
adapt a particular strategy.

Here are the strategies:

Building bridges. It helps children to build a bridge
between the new and the old - between new information
and things they already know. They should look for
similarities between the new and the familiar. For
example, a child studying a geography chapter on a
particular country could relate the lifestyle of its population
to what he learnt from his recent education field trip,
about the physical environment of that country.

Making inferences. Encourage your children to try to
draw conclusions from the material they are studying. When
they are reading about an invention- e.g. the airplane,
they could consider what people would do without the

Categorizing information. Many school activities involve
learning and remembering large amounts of information.
Sometimes there are long lists of names and dates. When
there are many items of information to learn, students
should group them in categories. Students in beginning
music classes don't try to remember the names and
characteristics of every musical instrument, but group
them: percussion, woodwinds, strings, and brass. Your
children should try this technique in subjects ranging from
geography to English to math.

Finding the key ideas. As students listen or read, they
must frequently ask themselves, "What's the point being
made here?" By constantly looking for the key idea, they
concentrate on learning the important material. This also
helps to keep them actively engaged in studying.


Your children need a place to study. Whether you live in a
one-bedroom apartment or a house, you can set aside a
study area. It can be a desk in a bedroom or kitchen table.
But it must be fairly quiet with good lighting.

Children also need a time for studying. Help your children
create schedules and time table. If they set aside time for
chores, work, fun, and study, they can make better use of
their time. These schedules should be flexible enough to
allow trade-offs whenever necessary.

Previewing material. Encourage children to begin an
assignment by previewing the material-for example, by
reading the introduction to a chapter, the headings, and
summary. This is like looking at a road map. Here they
create a mental "map" of what is ahead. They complete
the map's details when they read the chapter.

Reading and thinking. When reading the chapter, they
should try to fit details into their mental "map." This is the
time to use the attention-grabbing strategies - self-talk,
positive images, and questions. It helps if they pause
before each new section to test their own understanding.
Using the strategies for learning and remembering, they
can ask: "What conclusions can I draw from this? How
should I categorize the information? Do I see analogies?
What are the main ideas?"

Making notes. Children can't remember everything they
read. It will help them, though, to take notes of the main
points. These notes serve as a summary of the most
important points. The act of taking them and reviewing
them will help the student to categorize the material,
understand, and remember it. And the notes will help in
preparing for tests.

Self-Testing. Children should test themselves to see what
they know and don't know. They can then apply their
study time more efficiently to the sections on which they
are weakest. You can help by making up test questions,
for example, "What are the chief food products of the
country being studied? Why? Do we use these in our

Preparing for Tests and Exams. Encourage your children
to prepare for tests and exams by spacing studying over
days or weeks. They should make sure they understand
the material and relate it to what they already know. They
should review it more than once. "Cramming" the night
before is not a good idea, and it is important to get a good
night's sleep.

by Alvin Poh

A tribute to a great teacher...

Seorang guru yang kukenal
Benar-benar guru
Sangat ramah dan merendah
Semakin tinggi ilmunya
semakin tinggi budi pekertinya
Bijaksana orangnya
Kutemukan arti sebenar kesarjanaan
Pada sosok peribadinya
Berani bercakap benar
menentang kezaliman
Sanggup menanggung risiko
Pantang berpura-pura
dan alergi dengan kemunafikan
Jiwanya besar
Godaan dunia tidak menggoyahkannya
bila kebaikan yang diberi
balasan bukan harapannya

Tidak hanya ingin aku beradab kepadanya
tetapi menjaga adab terhadap muridnya
Dia tidak hanya bercakap tentang adab
tetapi menjelmakan adab pada dirinya
Selain ilmu

Guruku mengajarkan kebijaksanaan
Tentang bagaimana melakukan
sesuatu yang tepat pada masa dan tempatnya
emosi, keegoan dan kepentingan diri
diketepikan untuk sesuatu yang jauh lebih mulia
Seorang guru yang sejati
adalah seorang jauhari
yang tahu menilai manikam
Kebenaran, kebaikan dan keadilan
adalah matlamat hidupnya
hidupnya bukan untuk dirinya
Permasalahan dan nasib umat
selalu berada dihati sanubarinya

Khalif Muammar
8 Mei 2008