Happy Birthday Wafitos!!

Dah lama rasanya tak menulis tentang Wafitos. My eldest child, my one and only son setakat ini. Orang kata, anak yg sulung biasanya mempunyai hubungan yg rapat dgn ibu bapa. Based on my own experience, the eldest child in the family has always been more well-known among the relatives than other siblings. Entahlah, most probably because the eldest child's birth is usually more anticipated by excitement and welcomed with joy by other family members like grandparents , aunts and uncles, not to mention, the parents! Or there's also a possibility that parents usually spend more years of their life with the eldest child compared to the other children.

Ok. Back to Chichi a.k.a Wafitos. On 17th April, he celebrated his 8th birthday. Alhamdulillah, dah besar panjang anak mama mia ni. Memang makin panjang (tinggi) dan kurus. Muka pun dah makin ensem (heheh) dan nampak matang. (Nak cerita sikit ada ker cikgu kat sekolah dia tanya dia ni mcm org dari luar negara? buat mama mia perasan jer...hihihi)

A week before his birthday, Chichi had started asking me about his birthday cake. Actually, I had never thought of celebrating his birthday this year. It was not about buget constraints, but more to m.a.l.a.s. and "tak masuk kepala yg berserabut nie". But, since he kept on asking for a birthday cake to be shared with his friends at school almost every day, I decided to order a special cake for that special occasion.

For the past several years, Wafitos celebrated his birthday at my parents house with my siblings and of course my parents. But this year, since his birthday fell on schoolday, he couldn't celebrate it with them back at my kampung. Thus, we decided to order some nice and scrumptious cakes to be shared with his classmates.

This time around, I ordered 30 pieces cupcakes from cupcakedazzle, an online shop for nice, creative cupcakes. Chichi and I browsed the blog together and at last, after spending almost an hour we agreed upon ordering EPL theme cupcakes! Tak sangka anak mama dh besar!
Dia dah tak nak beli cake spriderman or batman or any other superheroes he used to adore like previous years. Now, he knows about EPL !! What a big boy he is now!

The cupcakes were soooo cute and creatively decorated, I took some pics but right can't recall where did I transfered those pics, (in which laptop, cos we have 3 laptops now at home). Will scout for them afterwards.

So, Chichi brought the cupcakes and share them with his friends at school. At home, no celebration at all, even Mama Mia also didn't manage to create a birthday card for him. Sorry dear son...Mama Mia was so busy lately. Hope u don't mind.

Mama wish u a very prosperous year ahead, semoga menjadi anak soleh yg beriman, taat kepada Allah dan Rasul, taat kepada ibu bapa, berjaya dunia akhirat dan bersedia memperjuangkan Islam dan Shari'ah.

Happy Birthday son! I love u soo much. You will always have a special place in my heart!

Blogging resumed...

Alhamdulillah, setelah lebih kurang sebulan setengah dilanda sindrom "blogger's block" yg ala-ala "writer's blog", mam mia akhirnya tetiba dapat semangat dan inspirasi untuk keluar dari kemelut ini dan bangkit memulakan aktiviti blogging ini..yeah!

Tapi masalahnya sekarang...dh mula bersemangat...tkde masa pula!!

Isy,,mcm2lah mama mia nie...

Non Fichita @ 5 months!

pelbagai gaya dan rupa....yg penting sentiasa comot dan bucukk jer...

Mia Fichita @ 4 months 4 weeks

Hearing your baby laugh is not only a joy — it's a sign that your baby is developing emotionally and socially. Have fun triggering a giggle by gently tickling those toes or thighs. Or develop a pint-size comedy routine by making exaggerated facial expressions and funny animal sounds, snorts, and whistles. Don't be surprised if your baby joins in with an ecstatic squeal that might catch your attention and make you laugh back.

Following a well-established nighttime routine, which might include a bath or a bedtime story, may help settle your baby to sleep. It's a good idea to consistently "sequence" your baby toward slumber, as in this example: Feed her, give her a bath, put her in pajamas, read her a book, sing a lullaby or play some music, and then put her down.

A beloved routine gives you and your baby plenty of time to connect and wind down. You may decide to alternate going-to-bed activities with your partner (you do the bath, he reads the story, and so on). Or, to give both of you a regular break, try taking turns, with one person responsible for putting your baby to bed each night.

Non Fichita....she's growing and toty!

(fichita almost 4 months 3 weeks ago)

(alamak! knp hidung pulak yg makin growing mengembang?)

(ni mcm ank tourist dari China or Japan jer..)

(sekarang asyik nak main meniarap jer..tak moh baring lg)

(in her itsy bitsy bouncer...blhlah dok dlm the most 20 mins..pastu mengamuk mintak keluar)

(tawa manis...-heheh- ye ker manis? mama mia perasan)

( buat muka toty -naughty- dia tu...semua org geram!! hariband mcm crown pulak kt kepala)

(kat bouncer pun nak main angkat kaki...tgk tu!!)

Earth hour...we did it!

Alhamdulillah! We did it! Even though I was the one who eagerly planned to participate in this switching off the electrical goods and appliances project, but I'm glad that I did managed to get all my family members to participate in this historical event, as I see it.

That Saturday, we were at my parents house in JB cos my husband had a talk in a seminar that day. So, since morning, I had been reminding my mother, my sisters and my kids bout this earth hour "thing".

An hour prior the shutting down electricity, we prepared candles. At 8.30 pm sharp, I asked my husband to switch off the main power supply of the house....and suddenly....its DARK!! My kids, huby and I garthered around the dining table, with two burning candles. Under that low dim candle light, we spent the 60 minutes reciting the surahs of al-Qur'an, (the surah hafazan), reading them together aloud. (mcm nk masuk pertandingan tahfiz pl) Actually I never planned of spending the 60 minutes this way, but...I think it was the most precious, quality 60 minutes that we had ever had in a month! Never thought that this "earth hour" could be so beneficial to my family!

Glad that we did something good for the earth and for our family too!