Negeri Di Bawah Bayu - Part 2 (24-27 July 2009)

So..on Saturday morning (25/7), Papa went to the Seminar to deliver his talk. In the meantime, after having our scrumptious breakfast (I really can give two thumbs up to the Hotel Restaurant and the chefs), we went to the swimming pool on the third floor. But in despair, we had to return to our room cos the swimming pool was closed due to cleaning and maintenance.

Chichi was so upset. Dia memang suka sgt swim, padahal every Thursday, he has his swimming lessons in the swimming pool. So, I suggested them to "swim: in the bath tub instead. Hehe. Jadilah, takder rotan, akar pun berguna. Si Nunun yg baru beli swimming suit kat Mothercare pun bukan main lagi berendam dlm bath tub. That was her first experience in the bath tub. Maklumlah..kat rumah manalah ada bath tub.

(Nunun with her newly bought swimming suit frm Mothercare)

Papa finished returned from the Seminar around 2 pm. At about 4 pm, we went out, taking a cab to Tanjung Aru Beach, about 25 minutes from our hotel. There were many bars, restaurants along side the beach. The sand was not clean, but nevertheless, the scenary was breathtaking. Hearing the sound of waves at the shore, looking at the kids playing with sand at the beach....it was a very relaxing event.

We had some bites at the stall beside the beach (actually very late lunch). We ordered roasted chicken wings, air kelapa (my God! sooo big lah the kelapa...lbh besar dpd kepala Chichi!) and ABC, (so special, got fruit cuttings on the top) and Mama had mee goreng basah with seafood (mcm tkda benda lain nk mkn..mana pergi asyik tu jer), and the others had plain rice with sotong bakar (Sabahan specialty) and Ikan Pari bakar. Yum yum....

(Chicken wings Sabah)

(ABC Sabah yg special)

After that very late lunch, we headed to the beach...strolling along the beach in the windy evening was so destressing. The kids played on the beach, making their own sand castle. While, Mama Mia, Papa and Nunun just sitting, berbual2....had a very light conversation.

There were many tourists coming at the beach too. By around 6 pm, people are getting more than before. Tourists came with big cameras...bird watchers also came, waiting for the sunset. The sunset was sooo...spectacular! Subhanallah! Undescribable. That was not my first sunset watch, but I reckon that was the best ever so far. Better and nicer than of that I watched in Pangkor last year.

We had the chance to watch almost 15 minutes of the sunset, snapped some pics. ORg2 putih pulak berebut2 ambil gambar. No wonder lah ramai yg tunggu sunset kat sini, cos rupanya mmg terkenal tmpt sunset yg indah dan mempesonakan.

Right after the sun waved goodbye, we straight away went back to our hotel. Papa was too lazy and tired to go out again, so, that nite, only Mama and the kids went to the 1 Borneo Shopping Complex, which was attached to our HOtel..keluar lift jer trus masuk shopping complex. WE bought some food utk bekalan besok at Giant, sempat lagi beli activity books for CHichi and Afafita...

Ok. End of Part 2. :)


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